Margot Dedrick Art
My process of painting involves a combination of pouring and brush strokes. Starting with an image as a reference I begin painting, reacting to the paint as I work, alternating between intentional and accidental marks. Color is an important part of my work; each piece combines colors that suggest both natural and artificial subject matter, and I am interested in how they interact with each other. My inspiration comes from a variety of sources, ranging from plant cells and anthrax bacteria to landscapes and grids. I want to consider the interconnectedness of the physical world by reducing subjects to their most fundamental forms and distorting them. Through this process I aim to create a body of work that blurs the boundaries of growth and decay, order and chaos, and macrocosm and microcosm.

My recent series of paintings evolved out of my interest in examining microscopic images from an aesthetic perspective. Rather than aiming to understand cellular images on a scientific level, I want to use these images to evoke emotion and raise new questions through visual exploration. I began this series by looking at microscopic images of bacteria and viruses through a microscope. I am fascinated by the way cells are illuminated under a microscope, and I want to recreate this sort of luminosity in my paintings.